Robert Ruffini


Fluxtrol, Inc.

We have a team of 20 induction heating experts including ten engineers with a wealth of real industry experience that service a global distribution network covering more than 50 countries. Our engineering team along with the combined efforts of our customer's specialists has brought forth many innovative solutions being used in thousands of applications ranging from automotive to aerospace, oil and gas, special metallurgy, biomedical and food industry.

Since graduating from Michigan State University (B.Sc. ’90), Robert has been employed at Fluxtrol, Inc. He has more than twenty-five years experience in the field of advanced induction heating technology. Robert is primarily responsible for new business development and specializes in international sales and marketing. He has co-authored several US patents, over 50 technical papers and travelled for business to more than 40 countries. He lectured extensively throughout Asia, Europe, India and Americas on advanced design of induction heating processes and tooling. He is a member of Automation Alley’s International Business Services Advisory Council, Eastern Michigan District Export Council (EMDEC) and American Society of Metals (ASM).