Richalin Digue


RnD Engineering, LLC

Rich Digue is the President and founder of RnD Engineering, an engineering and manufacturing firm located in Livonia Michigan.

RnD Engineering expertise is in building specialty machines that help manufacturers reduce their cost per parts and achieve greater return on their investment. The solutions that are proposed by RnD engineering are based on proven engineering and research. Rich Digue utilizes his background in Engineering and experience in sales and marketing in various countries around the world to grow the global footprint of RnD Engineering.

Mr. Digue is also actively involved in managing and growing a life science business in Africa in collaboration with Mayo Clinic through Laboratoire de Montreal, a division of Exotic group. Mr. Digue is spearheading an initiative to transform medical practice in sub-Sahara Africa and move to a diagnostic based model. He is taking on the challenge of building a business model that provide answers to multiple limitations in the market place including transportation, advanced knowledge, equipment and service, and low purchasing power.

Finally, through the Exotic Farm Products, a division of Exotic Group, Mr. Digue is contributing to the training of engineers in agriculture to learn the principles of organic farming as defined by the USDA. The company's trained engineers then mentor local farmers in permaculture. Local credit unions are enrolled in a program whereby they finance farmers with guarantees of Exotic Group. The goal/result is a micro economy where farmers are thriving by using quality inputs sourced from the US and where they can move from subsistence farming to contract agriculture with the ability to farm year-round. This has created a high visibility, high impact process that is growing at the rate of 4x every trimester. The involvement of Exotic Group extends to Chad where a partnership was established with a local company for the slaughter, packing and distribution of meat products in the regional market.

Mr. Digue is passionate about finding solutions to situations that appear hopeless. He is fluent in French, conversational in Spanish and skilled in German. He enjoys experiencing other cultures and people.