Maurice Snyder


Spes Development Co LLC

EMC testing, Validation and Compliance testing of automotive electronics for robustness and stability during engineering development and production, low voltage testing and battery simulation during cranking and start/stop, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, automotive and aerospace applications.

Using the Dynamic Test Board (DTB), EMC testing of the actual car's electronics, sensors, actuators, lights/indicators, wiring, and harnesses giving dramatic improvements over traditional Breadboard/Yellow Board testing.

The DTB tests the entire car’s electronics for failure modes, checks compliance to automotive standards, stability & robustness. It simulates engine crank and CAM signals and engine running scenarios. It simulates user interface and driver controls testing. Testing early in the design cycle reduces number and expense of prototype vehicles.

Detection of automotive & aircraft electronics malfunctions caused by supply voltage disturbances previously only detected by customers in the field. Testing against ISO 16750; Ford CI210, 220, 260, 270; GMW3172, Mercedes-Benz LV124, Chrysler CS-11979 and many others.

State-of-the-art HIL systems with fault insertion - real-time testing of body electronics (BCM, CCM, Door, Seat, etc.), Chassis, Infotainment, Powertrain.

International, marketing, sales, export, finance, export laws, Letters of Credit, export agents. Computer simulation.

Specialties: EMC, ECU compliance, Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), rapid control prototyping, U.S. Commercial Service, non-tariff export barriers, new foreign markets.